Getting Egyptian Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens living in KSA

Folks, In order to get Egyptian tourist visa for Indian citizens living in Saudi Arabia, you must note the below steps.

  1. Please take atleast 2 photocopies of your’s and your dependent’s IQAMA and PASSPORT.

  2. Please carry at least 2 passport type photographs for each person.

  3. Make sure you have exit re entry visas for yourself and your family.

  4. Carry the above stuffs and visit the Egyptian embassy located in Diplomatic Quarters. Ask for the tourist visa form and fill all the required details and submit the form for each person.

  5. Cost of Egyptian tourist visa is 150 Saudi Riyals per person.

  6. Upon Submission, You will be given an acknowledgement receipt which you will have to submit it in embassy after 3 to 4 days to get the tourist visa.

Hope, this information will help you to get the egyptian tourist visa. If you have any more questions, Please feel free to leave a comment here.

DISCLAIMER: The information presented above is for information-sharing purpose only. For more information about applying for a Egyptian Visa, please visit the Egyptian Visa Website

6 thoughts on “Getting Egyptian Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens living in KSA

  1. Hi Nithin,

    Do we need to provide travel proof documents like flight booking and hotel booking as well? How about employment letter from employer company?


      1. Thanks a lot for replying Nithin. One more query; did you apply alone or with family? In case of family should everybody visit the embassy to apply for visa or I can visit alone with all documents?


  2. Hi Nithin,

    Now they ask for Exit Re-entry copy as well for all travellers; everything else is same as mentioned in your blog. I received my Visa last Thursday.


    1. Hi abhi , apologies for not mentioning about exit re entry visa as they didn’t ask for it when I got went. I will update my blog with this information. Thanks for the info!


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