Trip to the Great Pyramids of Giza & Cairo Old City


Day 2

The next day i.e, 2nd march around 8.30 AM we started our journey towards the great pyramids.We met our tour guide, Mr.Ahmed Rezk. He provided us few tips on what things we can do near pyramids on the way. And then after 15 min , we reached the most awaited pyramids. It was a cloudy morning with a cool breeze.The sight of the pyramids was fabulous.

Info You will get to know why pyramids are called one of the wonders of the world when you go near to it. It is a common thing to see the photos of it online but in reality it is truly a wonder. An amazing architecture and a true wonder 🙂

So, our tour guide Mr.Ahmed Rezk started with his history lessons 😉 .I must say he explained it very well in a detailed. He possessed good amount of knowledge about ancient Egyptian culture and tradition. He said the Pyramids of the Giza were built around 2560 B.C. The reason why they built is because ancient Egyptians believed in after life. So, they used to build tombs for their kings in the form of pyramids.

Info : One important thing the tour guide stressed upon was that he asked us not to accept any things given by local people near the pyramids as they try to charge as much money as possible from you if you accept it and most of them would be fake.

The reason pyramids were built in a triangular way was because ancient Egyptians believed that tip of the pyramid resembles heaven and in the after life, the soul of the king reaches to heaven from earth.Some people also say there are many scientific reasons behind it.We got very excited and went near to the pyramids and felt the huge bricks made up of limestone which is 4,000 years old and i must say it was great.It is rock solid even now.

Info : To go inside the Pyramids, you will have to shell out 100 EGP per person.We decided not to go as the tour guide said there was nothing to be seen.

Later, we took few snaps with the help of tour guide and then we decided to go to a place where we can get panoramic view of all three pyramids. After some time ,we reached that place.This view was majestic.We were able to see all three pyramids together.We badly wanted to go get a ride on horse or camel near pyramids but unfortunately they said that day German Vice Chancellor, Merkel would visit the pyramids and all the rides have been put on hold.You do not visit pyramids very often and this thing happened to us you know 😦.Taking photos with Pyramids is really entertaining and awesome as you can do lot of things with it.Do you also want to take pics like the below ones ? 😉


Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo , Egypt


Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo , Egypt


Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo , Egypt


Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo , Egypt

Pyramids 1

Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo , Egypt


Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo , Egypt

Info : Did you know the size of the pyramids used to depend upon the life span of kings after they attain the throne ?

We finished the photo session there and then we moved to another place where the “Sphinx” was located.Yes, The Sphinx has a face of a human being and body of a lion.It was believed to be the protector of the Pyramids.The Sphinx was basically like a bodyguard.You can get a beautiful panoramic view of the Sphinx and Pyramids together near Sphinx.Taking pics with Sphinx is also fun as you can do all sorts of things like punching, kissing it etc. You can check it below. 😉

sphinx near pyramids

Sphinx View in Giza

sphinx near pyramids1

Sphinx View in Giza

Next, we moved to a nearby place called the “Valley Temple” where it was believed that the ancient Egyptians used to take the bodies of the kings after their death and do a process called Mummification in the Old and middle Kingdom and post which they used to keep the bodies in Pyramids with their belongings.

valley temple in Giza, Cairo

valley temple in Giza, Cairo

We took few more pics of panoramic views of the complete place and then left the place with a sad face 😦.

Info : You might be wondering why there are only information about mummies,after life etc. and no information about their palaces.This is because ancient Egyptians believed that life is not permanent and the soul is eternal and so life after death was given more importance.

The Great Pyramids of Giza is one of the best places to Visit at least once in a lifetime as it is amazingly attractive and it keeps you attracted to it. You cannot take your eyes off from these magnificent structures when you are near to them. Please do visit it whenever you get a chance.

Next, We were taken to a shop where they sell the ornaments with Holographic signs written on it. Now, the question arises what is this holographic sign. It is long list of signs which includes images of animals,birds and other stuffs with which the ancient Egyptians used to communicate.

Holographic Signs from ancient Egypt

Holographic Signs from ancient Egypt

Later, The tour guide took us to the shop where they sell arts and crafts made of Papyrus. Did it pop into your mind asking what is Papyrus ? .Yes, It is a water plant from which the ancient Egyptians used to prepare paper kind of stuffs to write or paint on it.The Shop guy showed us demo on how people from ancient times used to prepare the materials using Papyrus.I was very much interested in it. So, we decided to buy a thing made of papyrus in which they portrayed King Tutankhamen and his wife AnkhAsen Pa Amon on it.We got it for 500 EGP and asked them to write our names on either sides of the Papyrus material in holographic signs.

Papyrus Artefact

Papyrus Artefact

It was around 1 PM that time and we were starving.The tour organizers took us to a restaurant for lunch.We were worried if we can get vegetarian food but I must appreciate that they had organised vegetarian food.It was so kind of them.We felt happy and satisfied our food cravings.They served us with lot of varieties of vegetarian food which contained more of dishes of eggplant. It was delicious though. 🙂

After Lunch, We left to the part of Cairo which is called Old City. In the Old City,  We went to the Hanging Church which was built at the end of 4th Century A.D and the beginning of 5th Century A.D, when the Romans were ruling in Egypt.This is the most famous Coptic christian church in Cairo.

hanging church 2

Hanging Church, Old Cairo

Hanging church 1

Hanging Church, Old Cairo

Hanging church

Hanging Church, Old Cairo

We took few snaps over there and then we went to another place nearby called Ben Ezra Synagogue, where they believed that baby Moses was found.A sacred place for Jews.Unfortunately, We were not allowed to take photos.So, we had a look at the sight and then we decided to go to our next destination at the heart of the city, i.e. Egyptian Museum.

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt, I hope this blog is helpful.If you have already been there, do comment below with more suggestions and places.If you need any additional information about travelling to Egypt from Saudi Arabia , Please leave a comment.

Stay tuned for the next update !

Tips & Other Information

1.You can get all the information regarding visa to egypt from this link .The visa costed 40 USD per person for us : It will take 3 to 4 working days to get visa for indian residents living in KSA.
2.If you are travelling with your family to Egypt, then it is preferred to opt for a package trip as you will be secured and safe.Otherwise you can explore on your own.I opted package from this
3.You can get your currency exchanged in any airport in Egypt or any of the egyptian cities as you will get better conversion rate over there.
4.Preferred time to visit Egypt is from November to April as weather would be much cooler.
5.If you have more time in Egypt, please opt for a cruise from luxor to aswan as it is the most opted adventure over there.
6.Tipping is Customary in Egypt.It is advised if you are willing to offer it, this would be great – if not, you are not obliged to do it.
7.Most of the places in Egypt will have entry tickets not more than 150 EGP per person.

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