Okatse Canyon and Kinchka Waterfall – Must Visit place in Georgia


Day 5 ,  It was time for us to experience something which is one of the Natural monuments in the west part of Georgia called Okatse Canyon. It is located in the Khoni municipality of Imereti region in Kutaisi close to the village Kinchka and around 25 Kms from Prometheus Cave. We were in the midst of lower Caucasus mountains. We reached this place in the morning around 10.30 AM. The place was completely filled with lush green mountains. 🙂 . It did give a pleasant feeling for us !

1.Okatse Canyon

Okathse Canyon Visitor Centre

Okatse Canyon Visitor Centre

Note : The ride till canyon from visitor center will cost you 50 GEL per vehicle and entrance fees per person is 15 GEL.

Okatse Canyon natural monument is a difficult geological and geomorphological complex. It includes geotectonic structures , lacustrine sediments and an amazing canyon.

Entrance of Okatse Canyon

Entrance of Okatse Canyon

On the territory of Okatse Canyon Nature monument there is one tourist trail which is a 780m long path hanging over the canyon and 50m above the ground. Ensure to visit it only if you are not afraid of heights.

It was an adventurous feeling where we had a glimpse of the whole canyon through this tourist trail. We did feel like we were left out in the middle of forest. 😉 Take a look at these snaps of this beautiful canyon. It was an awe-inspiring place to be 😀

Entrance of Okatse Canyon

Entrance of Okatse Canyon


Okatse Canyon

It was a hot sunny day to walk :(

It was a hot sunny day to walk 😦

Okatse Canyon

The View was breathtaking from this point :)

The View was breathtaking from this point 🙂

Okatse Canyon


Okatse Canyon

Note :  Do not plan to visit Okatse canyon during days of heavy rain and fog when its usually closed.

We spent around 2 hours in this place. 🙂

2 . Kinchka Waterfall

Our next stop was to Kinchka waterfall which is a half an hour journey from Okatse Canyon. This waterfall is 88 m high and is located in the Satsiskvilos Valley, where it flows from a massive limestone mountain. It is a beautiful spot for a picnic or camping. You should definitely visit this place if you love trekking.

Note : Kinchkha Waterfall is not closed site and can be accessed anytime for free

Entrance of Kinchka Waterfall

Entrance of Kinchka Waterfall

Our Expectation to see a waterfall was not fulfilled completely as there was less water because of less rainfall since , it was autumn in Georgia. 🙂

View of Kinchka Waterfall :)

View of Kinchka Waterfall 🙂


Enjoyed this place :)

Enjoyed this place 🙂

edited today 3

We spent around 1 hour at this beautiful place. We cherish the memories of camping near to this waterfall to have lunch 🙂 .  It was a well spent day for us 🙂

I hope these pics will make you visit Georgia whenever you plan your next travel. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here

Photo Credits : Pallavi Ravindra


Tips & Information

  1. If you have plans to visit Georgia , Please check if you have an on-arrival visa to Georgia from this link  https://www.evisa.gov.ge/GeoVisa/en/VisaApp

  2. Please Note that there is no visa fees If you are exempted from getting visa to Georgia.

  3. For the food, Georgia offers varieties of foods and restaurants from different countries. You can always check online. For Breakfast, We were offered usual stuffs Salads, Cheese Bread etc. 

  4. To reach Tbilisi , You can take any of these flights from GCC countries Air Arabia, Fly Dubai and Gulf Air. I happened to see only these options.

  5. If you are a Resident of Saudi Arabia or any GCC Country, Please know your’s and your family’s Residence Permit Expiry Date in prior so that you can inform the Immigration Authorities in Georgian Airport for the on-Arrival Visa as they do not speak any other language apart from Georgian, Russian and English.

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