Amman – A Modern City with ancient ruins in Jordan

It was in the month of December 2017, Pallavi and I decided to visit Jordan since we heard it’s a beautiful place. We were bit skeptical about visiting Jordan in December as we heard it would be extremely cold compared to Saudi Arabia. Our itinerary included to visit places all across Jordan, especially the world famous Petra.

We left Riyadh around 8 PM in the night and reached Amman around 10 PM.

Boarding Flight to Amman :)
Boarding Flight to Amman πŸ™‚
Amman Airport :)
Amman Airport πŸ™‚

We had booked a hotel named “Jordan River Hotel” for accommodation which is in the downtown of Amman. I have to emphasize here that booking this hotel helped us a lot to visit historical places in Amman because of it’s location.

Next day morning, We had planned to visit historical places located in the downtown. We had got accumulated with lot of doubts. Post breakfast , we approached our hotel receptionist to clarify our doubts and she helped us. As, we were put up in a good location, you will not believe that our first stop was just 1 km away from the hotel.

We started our journey on a chilly day walking on the streets of Amman. The traffic was normal and weather was pleasant. πŸ™‚

Street in the Downtown of Amman :)
Street in the Downtown of Amman πŸ™‚

1.Roman Amphitheater

Our first stop was to Roman Amphitheater whichΒ is a 6,000-seat, 2nd-century Roman theater. A famous landmark in the Jordanian capital which dates back to the Roman period when the city was known as Philadelphia. The theater was built during the reign of Antonius Pius (138-161 CE). The large and steeply raked structure could seat about 6,000 people. It was built into the hillside and was oriented north to keep the sun off the spectators.

Roman Amphitheater Entrance :)
Roman Amphitheater Entrance πŸ™‚
Ticket Counter at Roman Amphitheater :)
Ticket Counter at Roman Amphitheater πŸ™‚
Outside Roman Amphitheater :)
Outside Roman Amphitheater πŸ™‚


The theater is now used as a venue for cultural activities including the Amman International Book Fair, the Amman Marathon prize ceremony, and musical concerts, most notably the Al-Balad Music Festival.

This magnificently restored theater is the most obvious and impressive remnant of Roman Philadelphia, and is the highlight of Amman for most foreign visitors. The best time for photographs is the morning, when the light is soft – although the views from the top tiers just before sunset are also superb πŸ™‚

Gigantic Columns built during Roman Times :)
Gigantic Columns built during Roman Times πŸ™‚


Didn't ask the guy to wave for the photo :)
Didn’t ask the guy to wave for the photo πŸ˜›

The theater was built on three tiers – the rulers who used to sit closest to the action, the military who used to sit in the middle section, and the general public perched and squinted from the top rows. It truly offered mesmerizing views from this point πŸ™‚ . We spent around 2 hours at this place πŸ™‚


Panoramic View of Roman Theater :) Isn't it beautiful ?

Panoramic View of Roman Theater πŸ™‚ Isn’t it beautiful ?

Another beautiful view :)
Another beautiful view πŸ™‚


Another Panoramic view :)
Another Panoramic view πŸ™‚

2. Jordan Folklore Museum

Our next stop was to the Jordan Folklore Museum which is located within the western section of the Roman Theater in Amman. This museum was founded by the Department of Antiquities and officially opened in 1975. The museum houses items representing Jordanian cultures.

The collection of the museum represents items of daily life from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, such as Costumes of the various areas in Jordan and Utensils used for food preparation, making bread, coffee, and tea. We spent around 30 minutes at this place. πŸ™‚

Artifacts from ancient times :)

Artifacts from ancient times πŸ™‚


3. Odeon Theater

Next stop was to the Odeon Theater which is a 500-seat theater which is walkable distance from Roman Theater. It was built in the 2nd century AD which was served mainly as a venue for musical performances. It was probably enclosed with a wooden roof or temporary tent roof to shield the performers and audience from the elements. It looks small compared to the roman theater. isn’t it ? πŸ˜‰Β  We spent around 30 minutes at this place πŸ™‚

Panoramic View of Odeon Theater

Panoramic View of Odeon Theater



Totally, It was an exciting way for us to start our day in Amman.We enjoyed every bit of it. Like other countries, Jordanians respect tourists. So, you will less likely have a tough time as a tourist πŸ™‚ .

I hope these pics will make you visit Jordan whenever you plan your next travel.Β If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here.

Tips and Information

1.Entrance fee to Roman & Odeon Amphitheater is 2 JD per person

2.If you are planning to explore Jordan completely , better to opt for a Jordan Pass from this link instead of getting the visa from embassy or On-Arrival. If you buy a Jordan Pass, you can save up to 40 USD per person.

3. If you want to explore amman’s historical sites, better to book accommodationΒ near to the downtown.

4.JD – Jordanian Dinar , USD – United States Dollars

5.Never miss to taste falafal in the Hashem restuarant which is pretty famous in Jordan.Β 

6.You can use Uber for transportation in Amman which is less expensive compared to normal taxi’s.

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