Makhuntseti Waterfall – Adjara’s Nature Gem in Georgia

Our travel to south of Georgia was completely a different experience. Post Martivili Canyon,  We headed towards a city named Batumi, which is located in the autonomous republic of Adjara.

We took around 3 to 4 hours to travel from martvili to Batumi . Like i mentioned in the end of my previous post,  our journey to Batumi was spectacular as it was filled with mother nature on both sides of the road.

On the way to Batumi :)
On the way to Batumi 🙂


As soon as we were nearing to batumi, We were so excited to get a glimpse of Black sea.

Nearing to Batumi :)
Nearing to Batumi 🙂

We finally reached Batumi in the evening and checked into the hotel. Next day morning, there was something surprise awaiting us. We happened to notice that it was raining 🙂 . Rain brought more happiness to us but we were afraid as our plan for the day would be halted.

Morning View from Hotel in Batumi :)
Morning View from Hotel in Batumi 🙂

Fact : Batumi is called the “Pearl of the Black Sea,” and is located in the autonomous republic of Adjara. European architects undertook numerous projects in Batumi at the beginning of the 20th century, and today it remains a hub of architectural innovation.

We started our excited journey in rain from Batumi to Makhuntseti waterfall. It is one of the most beautiful regions in Georgia, Adjara. Turkey borders Adjara to the south. 🙂 This waterfall is 30 km from Batumi and one of the highest waterfalls in Adjara, a real pride of local residents.

You can get to the waterfall from Batumi by any minibus that goes in the direction of Keda village. The road will take about 30 minutes and then you will need to get off at the central highway.

Scenic View in Adjara Region - On the way to Makhuntseti waterfall
Scenic View in Adjara Region – On the way to Makhuntseti Waterfall

Adjara’s visitors especially admire the region’s pristine and unaltered nature, and it is particularly intriguing for eco tourists.

After 45 minutes of drive on a wet road, we reached Makhuntseti waterfall. While visiting the waterfall it is also possible to visit nearby tourist attractions, including the ancient arched stone Makhuntseti Bridge, Adjarian wine houses, and private wine cellars scattered throughout Keda Municipality.

At the entrance of Makhuntseti waterfall
At the entrance of Makhuntseti waterfall

It was a different experience to see the waterfall in rain. Even though the rain got intensified , the view it offered made us to embrace it from near distance 🙂 🙂

Near to Makhuntseti waterfall
Near to Makhuntseti waterfall

You can find some shops nearby if you want to grab anything near the waterfall 🙂

Still nearing to it :)
Still nearing to it 🙂

Finally made it :)
Finally made it 🙂

It was a mesmerizing feeling to embrace the waterfalls from near distance. If you are a nature lover, you will love it more 🙂
Enjoyed every bit of it in rain :)
Enjoyed every bit of it in rain 🙂

Post Waterfall, we walked towards another historic place which is called Makhuntseti bridge. The bridge is pretty large and holds together on the natural rock stones and lime.
There is a small info board located next to the bridge, with detailed information both in Georgian and English. It was nice to spend some time on this bridge. This bridge has undergone lot of restructuring over the years and is located above Acharistskali river.

Makhuntseti Bridge Entrance

Makhuntseti Bridge Entrance

Historic Makhuntseti Bridge
Historic Makhuntseti Bridge

It was a rainy but exciting day to start our tour in the south of Georgia. Believe me , our eyes were filled with lot of nature. I have to admire that , Georgia has vast amount of nature to offer. Stay tuned for more exciting information about beautiful Batumi in my upcoming blogs:)

I hope these pics will make you visit Georgia whenever you plan your next travel. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here.



  1. If you have plans to visit Georgia , Please check if you have an on-arrival visa to Georgia from this link

  2. Please Note that there is no visa fees If you are exempted from getting visa to Georgia.

  3. For the food, Georgia offers varieties of foods and restaurants from different countries. You can always check online. For Breakfast, We were offered usual stuffs Salads, Cheese Bread etc. 

  4. To reach Tbilisi , You can take any of these flights from GCC countries Air Arabia, Fly Dubai and Gulf Air. I happened to see only these options.

  5. If you are a Resident of Saudi Arabia or any GCC Country, Please know your’s and your family’s Residence Permit Expiry Date in prior so that you can inform the Immigration Authorities in Georgian Airport for the on-Arrival Visa as they do not speak any other language apart from Georgian, Russian and English.

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