Royal Automobile Museum – Collection of Classic vehicles in Amman

Anyone has a passion for Cars and motorcycles ?!  Well, here is a place in Amman in Jordan which is the Royal Automobile Museum, the collection of Late King Hussein’s Cars and motorcycles collection. Post Amman Citadel ,We took a much needed break and then headed to this place. I must say I was bit skeptical about visiting this place but in the end i did feel happy and satisfied 🙂

Royal Automobile Museum Entrance

Royal Automobile Museum Entrance

It was a pretty good break for us after we visited three historical places in Amman on the same day. In this museum, There is huge collection of autos and motorcycles from Jordanian history. If you have lot of passion for automobiles, then this is the place for you.

The reason for the existence of the Royal Automotive Museum in the first place is simple. King Hussein, who was king of Jordan from 1956 until his death in 1999, was a total car lover. Cars and motorcycles were his passion. His son, Abdullah II, the current King of Jordan, built the museum in his father’s honor. Vehicles range from pre-1950s glories to modern sports cars, taking in chrome-clad American cruisers to regal Rolls-Royces.

The mixture of history and classic with these vintage cars gave us an awe inspiring experience.

In the initial part of the visit, you will be taken through the vintage collections of Late King.



After you have enthralled your eyes with the vintage ones , you will be taken through the modern collections.


Royal Automobile Museum is a kind of place you are unlikely to have it on your list of places to see in Jordan. I am sure even if you are either a car lover or not, you will feel ecstatic after you are done with watching all the stuffs 😉

I hope these pics will make you visit Jordan whenever you plan your next travel. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here.


1.It will just cost you less than 5 JD to travel to Royal Automobile Museum from downtown by taxi

2.Entrance Fees to Royal Automobile Museum is 5 JD per person

2.If you are planning to explore Jordan completely , better to opt for a Jordan Pass from this link instead of getting the visa from embassy or On-Arrival. If you buy a Jordan Pass, you can save up to 40 USD per person.

3. If you want to explore amman’s historical sites, better to book accommodation near to the downtown.

4.JD – Jordanian Dinar , USD – United States Dollars

5.Never miss to visit the Hashem restuarant which is one of the oldest and pretty famous in Jordan. 

6.You can use Uber for transportation in Amman which is less expensive compared to normal taxi’s.

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