A little more about Jerash – An Ancient Ruined Roman City in Jordan

If you have checked my previous post about Jerash , right from the the arc of hadrian till oval plaza , Jerash offers stunning views with amazing facts. Post Oval Plaza, make sure to visit the incredible Temple of Zeus.

Temple of Zeus

One of the most important monuments of this archaeological site is the Temple of Zeus. The first worshiping place on the site was probably a cave, used from the seventh to the sixth centuries B.C. This worshiping location was kept through time, and a sanctuary with a wide sacred courtyard was built during the early Roman period. During the second century A.D., the building was heavily altered, and the current great Temple of Zeus was built. The sanctuary, located on top of a hill towering above the city, was preceded by a monumental stairway leading to the sacred courtyard. Although erosion, earthquakes and looting have damaged the site, its scale and magnificence are still striking.


View of Oval Plaza from Temple of Zeus

View of Oval Plaza from Temple of Zeus

Zeus 2-2Zeus 1-2south theatre2-2South Theater-2


After you come out of Temple of Zeus, on the western side of the cardo maximus is the agora, where people gathered for public meetings around the central fountain. It was the grocery market of ancient Jerash which presents a complicated archaeological picture, because parts of the structure were reused in Byzantine and Islamic times. The heart of the building, pictured here, is a Roman-period courtyard with cruciform fountain that is surrounded by Corinthian columns.


View of Agora

View of Agora


Those Columns look spectacular isn't it ? :)

Those Columns look spectacular isn’t it ? 🙂

Entrance to Gold Souk during the roman times

Entrance to Gold Souk during the roman times

Church of St Cosmos & St Damianus

When Christianity became the state religion under Emperor Constantine in 324 A.D, all Roman monuments that were tainted by so-called pagan practices were abandoned. These structures were subsequently pilfered for building materials as Roman cities competed with one another to build glorious churches and cathedrals. A total of 15 churches lie among Jerash’s ruins, with the Church of St Cosmos & St Damianus one of the best preserved.

church of ss cosmas1-2church of ss cosmas2-2

North Theatre

Built about AD 165 and enlarged in 235, the beautiful little North Theater was most likely used for government meetings rather than artistic performances. Originally it had 14 rows of seats, with two vaulted passageways leading to the front of the theater, as well as five internal arched corridors leading to the upper rows. Many of the seats are inscribed with the names of delegates who voted in the city council.

ROman THeatre1-2Roman THeatre2-2


South of the nymphaeum, an elaborate staircase rises from the cardo maximus to Jerash’s only cathedral. Little more than a modest Byzantine church, it was constructed in the second half of the 4th century on the site of earlier temples. At the height of its glory the cathedral consisted of a soaring basilica supported by three naves and it boasted a magnificent portal finely decorated with elaborate marble carvings. It’s a fascinating insight into the many periods of Jerash’s history.


Nymphaeum of Gerasa

The major well ornamented nymphaeum of Gerasa, dedicated to the Nymphs and constructed in 191 AD, partly restored but without any statue. Note the holes for the water pipes. Water cascaded through seven carved lions’ heads into small basins on the side walk and overflowed from there through drains into the underground sewer system.

Western Baths

Western Baths

Temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis is a Roman temple in Jerash, Jordan. The temple was built on one of the highest points and dominated the whole city. Ruins of the temple are still one of the most remarkable monuments left of the ancient city of Jerash.

If you visit on a partly cloudy day, you’re in for a treat, as the sandstone pillars of the temple light up like bars of liquid gold each time the sun comes out. It’s a magical sight, and magic – or a sense of the world beyond – was exactly what the architects of this gem of a building would have been trying to capture in their design.


Temple of Artemis :)

Temple of Artemis 🙂


It was a time well spent in the Jerash 🙂 . It stuffed our minds with so much of history about Jordan’s past. A must visit for people who love history 🙂 .

I hope these pics will make you visit Jordan whenever you plan your next travel. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here.


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