Procedure to get Schengen Visa for Indian Residents living in KSA

It is always a dream for everyone to travel to Europe. If it is not a dream for you, then you must definitely make it your dream 🙂

One of the advantages of having a residency permit in Gulf is that you have easy access to Europe. The process to get a schengen visa to europe is simple from KSA. Pallavi and I recently traveled to Europe. I must say it was an outstanding experience. Believe me, everyone should visit europe once atleast in their lives. If you plan to travel on your own, then you must plan the things well in advance. The first thing which is required is a schengen visa to enter europe. Well, if you are looking for some information on getting schengen visa to Europe , you have come to the right place.

The below is the procedure to get schengen visa to europe for Indian residents living in KSA.

  • First thing you need is to get the letter from your company stating your employment details, salary , designation and your planned trip to Europe addressing the embassy of the country where you are applying to
  • You should have at least 8 photos per person as per the photo guidelines of the country for which you are applying the schengen visa
  • You need to request for an Insurance letter for you and your family from your company to cover the health expenses in Europe in case of any medical emergency. Original copy is required
  • Your Indian Passport should be valid and should have the expiry date not less than 6 months. A copy is required
  • Your KSA Resident Card should be valid and have the expiry date not less than 3 months. Please check if the designation on your Iqama is eligible for getting schengen visa
  • A copy of Residence Permit of you and your family which should be translated into English and approved by a certified translator
  • Copy of a flight itinerary with an entry and exit place and date in Europe from KSA
  • Booking confirmation of hotels for the entire trip. If your plan is not ready yet, then you can show them tentative booking confirmation and change it later once you receive the visa. Remember to show the booking confirmation for all the days that you will be staying in Europe
  • Bank statement showing at least 20,000 SAR as balance and it should be attested by bank authorities. The amount should be sufficient enough to cover all your expenses in Europe
  • Exit Reentry visa of KSA for you and your family and it should fall within the travel period
  • Once you have all these things ready , you must go to VFS global website and fill in the details for you and your family separately. ( Since we wanted to start our trip with France, we filled the application for France

  • When filling details for dependents, you will have to put your details for the sponsor. Once all the details have been filled and submitted, you will have schedule the appointment from the same website to submit the documents in person at VFS office. To schedule the appointment , you will have to pay around 120 SAR per person. In case if you are not able to pay online, then you can go to office physically and pay. Your appointment will be confirmed only after payment.
  • On the day of appointment, you will have to physically reach the venue mentioned in your appointment letter along with your family 30 minutes in prior with all the supporting documents. Once you submit all the documents, you will have to pay around 350 SAR per person as the visa fee. You will be given a slip as a reference with which you can get the passport back post visa arrival. Normally, it takes 1 to 2 weeks to get the visa if everything goes fine. Schengen visa duration varies from 1 month to 3 months
  • Out of the 26 schengen states, only few countries offer schengen visa but I would suggest to apply the schengen from French embassy as there is high possibility of getting the schengen visa in a short span of time and less chances of it getting rejected. You need to have a travel plan to visit at least 2 schengen countries in order to apply for a schengen visa

I hope this will help you get the schengen visa to travel to Europe. In case, if you need more clarification about the process, then please feel free to drop in a comment. Happy travelling 🙂

DISCLAIMER: The information presented above is for information-sharing purpose only. For more information about applying for a Schengen Visa, please visit the VFS Global website.

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