Why you should experience Norway in a Nutshell Tour once in a lifetime ?

It was during the European summer of 2018, we planned to visit Norway. We did hear a lot about Norway’s exquisite nature before and so we wanted to embrace it.

Day 2 of our Europe Trip in Norway, we had opted for Norway in a nutshell tour from Oslo. This tour is pretty famous. A must to do in Norway. One of the best experiences we ever had in our lives.

Before checking out the details below, If you are interested to know how it feels to have this tour in Norway, Kindly watch the below video.

Travel to Norway | Inspirational Cinematic Travel Video | 4K

What is Norway in a nutshell?

Some marketing experts customised the travel from Oslo to Bergen with different modes of transportation to experience Norway’s enthralling nature. They termed it with this name. The modes include travel by train , cruise and bus.


How to book this tour?

You can book it online with fjords website. There are many amazing tours available in this website but this one is of the must to do in Norway. you can book it with the help of this link https://www.norwaynutshell.com/original-norway-in-a-nutshell/

What is the procedure to get the tickets ?

After you are done with the booking , you will be asked to collect the tickets at the NSB office at Oslo airport in Norway post arrival. The NSB officials will provide you with all the details.

What is the cost for this tour?

It costs around 2000 NOK per person. ( Approximately 270 USD)

Does the tour starts from Oslo only ?

No, it does not. It can be arranged from Bergen too. You can either book a one way trip from Oslo to Bergen or the other way around or both. I would recommend to book it from Oslo to Bergen.

Are you curious to know about this tour ? Well, Hold on, Let me walk you through the experience we had with this tour.

Our tour to Bergen from Oslo was planned the next day after we arrived to Oslo. We  reached the Oslo central station at 8 in the morning since our accommodation was located near to the Oslo central station.

The train started at 8.35 AM in the morning. The seats were reserved.

The journey started and we happened to get a glimpse of Oslo city on a bright sunny day.

You will be happy to see the Norwegian nature in the start and it does make you feel excited. You are sure to witness lot of lush green mountains, blue surface water lakes etc. As they say, Green has great healing power. It is the most restful color for the human eye πŸ˜‰ it can improve vision πŸ™‚

The first stop is Myrdal and is about 4 hours. You will reach myrdal via finse. Finse is an amazing place again with beautiful landscapes.

In the last hour of the trip to the first stop which is Myrdal is where it really gets exciting. Trust me this is one of the breathtaking experiences you will ever have in your life. you will start getting mesmerizing views of snow capped mountains. In Addition, It gets really cold once you are near to Myrdal.

Be prepared to carry a thermal wear if you plan. Once you reach Myrdal, you will have to get down and wait for the next train called FLAMSBANA which will head to the next place called FLAM. If you are worried on which train to get into in Myrdal ,  then follow other tourists as most of them would have opted for the same tour.

The next journey is from Myrdal to Flam and this gets even more and more exciting. I am not sure if you are aware, The Flam train Journey has been voted as one of the top 10 amazing my train journeys in the world.

Flam Railway

Once you get in to the train , remember to hold a window seat which is on the left side of the moving train as it will not be reserved. After the journey starts , they will make you aware of some of the fascinating things about Flam region.  The whole journey will be filled with breathtaking landscapes. They will also stop at some of the scenic places for few minutes for tourists to take pictures. Trust me it will be a mind blowing journey to Flam.

Once you reach Flam, you will have 1 hour 30 minutes time to take your next tour . During this time, you can have a look at the Flam museum which showcases how the Flam railway line was built or Take a small walk to experience the nature.

The next tour is to Gudvangen from Flam and is by cruise. Remember to book a premium boat cruise at the time of booking as it is more comfortable compared to the classic one.

It’s a 3 hour cruise to gudvangen and it sails through the river filled with lush green mountains on both sides. The views are simply outstanding. You can roam around in the cruise and then take as many pics as you want. There is also a cafe inside if you want to grab something to eat or drink. Note that it will be freezing cold outside at the deck. It is advised to carry a rain coat and a thermal wear. The experience is truly awe inspiring.

Post 3 hours , you will reach gudvangen. Once you get down from the cruise a bus will be waiting for you to take you to Voss. This journey is incredible too as it offers mesmerizing views of Norway’s stunning fjords. On the way you will witness couple of waterfalls and the driver will make stops for some time for you to take pics. After 1 hour of drive , you will reach Voss railway station.

Once you are in Voss station , Just follow the crowd and then you can get into the Train which goes to Bergen. This train journey too offers spectacular views of Norwegian nature. It is advised to sit on the right side of the train and Just enjoy the views if you still have energy left out or else you can just sit and take a nap. After 3 hours, you will reach Bergen station and this concludes the trip.

Remember to carry as less luggage as possible as you will be more comfortable to transfer them in each stop. It was a complete nature filled day. We wished we could have spend more time with the nature πŸ™‚ . Hope this information will help you and make you take this tour whenever you travel to Norway.

Happy Travelling πŸ™‚

DISCLAIMER: The information presented above is for information-sharing purpose only. For more information about Norway in a Nutshell tour, please visit the  website https://www.norwaynutshell.com/original-norway-in-a-nutshell/

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